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Social Media is not just twitter, facebook and linkedin

“There are lots of social media sites where you MUST have your branding presence.” Social media branding in all the web 2.0 sites would get you results in many forms-

  • Complete branding in all the best social media sites
  • Social signals from the public social media profile links back to your website
  • Identity protection for the brand in the social media
  • Very high permanent search engine visibility for the target keyword
  • The key social media marketing strategy that makes your business present in all the social media spots opening opportunity for your customers/ clients to spread your brand

How brand presence is made in all social media sites?

With extensive research and analysis, we have handpicked many social media sites where you cannot miss to showcase your brand. These social media spots are a mix of different type of social media sites such as microblogs, photo sites, blogging sites, discussion communities, review sites, video sharing sites etc. We would manually create profiles in these social media sites along with publishing your brand logo and full company and service information. The profiles would also carry a link back to your website which would act as the best social media signal which is one of the most important current search engine ranking factors. By creating fully completed profiles, your brand covers all the most important social media sites there by opening doors for continuous social media branding


Maintaining all this handful of social media profiles – is it tiresome and time consuming?

Building the profiles in the social media sites opens the doors for branding which could be enhanced with continuous maintenance. However, we understand that logging into all these social media sites and monitoring the activity and responding back would be impossible. This is where our “Sync Social” program comes into play. About 50 of these social media sites need your attention. Sync Social makes it very simple to maintain all these 50 social media profiles with just one click.


How do I maintain 50 most important social media profiles with one click?

We would sync the profiles created for branding using services such as, hootsuite, hellotxt and posterous. All you have to do is to login to these 3 sites to tract and maintain the 60 social media profiles that need your attention. You could post updates, blogs, pictures or video to these site with just one click


What about the rest of the social media profiles?

The rest of the social media sites just need your brand’s presence. The profiles would go viral without your attention. The rest of the sites are spots where surfers could share, discuss or review your brand. So all that is needed with these sites is open the doors, which is achieved just by creating the profiles alone.


Which social media sites are included?

We select the top 50 social media sites to give your website ‘social signals’ from around the web. 

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